Safe and effective care by leading Vein Specialist and Vascular Surgeons, providing a fully comprehensive service for optimum results.

Vascular Care Centre South West

Sydney’s South West and Macarthur now has the addition of a comprehensive local service specialising in the treatment of venous and arterial conditions, by highly experienced and qualified Vascular Surgeons – supported by an onsite speciality ultrasound vascular laboratory.

As our patient, you will receive the best possible care as a result of our experienced specialist doctors. You can be confident that our specialists’ skills and knowledge together with the use of the latest treatment modalities and leading edge technology will provide optimal results. 

The Vascular Care Centre South West’s vision is to provide our patients with the finest venous and arterial treatments available. Our treatments deliver lasting relief from pain and unsightly symptoms caused by venous conditions, such as varicose veins, as well as world class cosmetic outcomes.”

Our specialist doctors are dedicated to providing effective treatment for your vein or vascular conditions and giving you back your confidence and wellbeing.

At your consultation we will ensure you have a complete understanding of your condition and fully explain all possible treatment options to enable you to make an informed decision designed to suit your lifestyle and expectations.

Our highly experienced team of specialists are:
Associate Professor David Huber

FRACS (Vasc) FACP DDU (Vasc)
Venous and Endovenous Surgeon

Clinical Associate Professor David Huber is a pioneer in endovascular surgery and is a fully qualified Phlebologist (Vein Doctor) on the executive board of the Australian College of Phlebology.

He is the Chairman of the Department of Vascular Surgery in the Illawarra Health Area Service and is the founder of the first dedicated endovascular suite in an operating theatre in Australia.

Associate Professor Huber specialises in vein care with a focus on optimal cosmetic outcomes.

Consultations are available with Dr Huber in both Wollongong and Nowra, in addition to Camden, at the following locations:

Wollongong: Suite 1 & 2, 310 Crown Street, Wollongong 2500
Nowra: 47 Junction Street, Nowra 2541

Dr Tam Nguyen

BPharm MBBS FRACS (Vasc)
Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon

Dr Tam Nguyen is a vascular and endovascular surgeon and has worked in major vascular and trauma centres in Australia and New Zealand. He is a VMO at both Wollongong Public and Private Hospitals.

Dr Nguyen is actively involved in research with numerous publications to his name and is a keen teacher of medical students and trainee surgeons.

Dr Tam Nguyen is pleased to offer a service treating arterial and venous disease conditions.

Consultations are available with Dr Nguyen in both Wollongong and Nowra, in addition to Camden, at the following locations:

Wollongong: Suite 1 & 2, 310 Crown Street, Wollongong 2500
Nowra: 47 Junction Street, Nowra 2541

Our Vascular Care Centre South West specialists work in conjunction with:
South West Vascular Laboratory

Our lab performs tests for the evaluation of the vascular system (both arterial and venous). This is done using the latest available technique of duplex ultrasound technology. It is non-invasive; meaning there are no needles or injections.

It is therefore risk free and there is minimal discomfort. Our technicians performing these tests all specialise in vascular ultrasound, this ensures that the quality and accuracy of the tests performed are at the highest level possible.

This technology is used to assess problems affecting the venous system, such as deep and superficial venous thrombosis (DVT and SVT), varicose veins and venous anomalies.

We perform tests for the following conditions:

  • peripheral vascular disease (PVD)
  • carotid/vertebral artery disease
  • renal artery disease
  • visceral artery disease
  • aortic aneurysm
  • venous disease including varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency
  • deep and superficial venous thrombosis (DVT and SVT)
  • pelvic venous compression syndromes
  • ovarian/testicular vein insufficiency
  • arteriovenous fistula (renal access)